Ocean Reef Integrated Dive Masks Serviced at Southsea Scuba

As with all diving equipment it is important to have your Ocean Reef Integrated Dive Mask regularly serviced by an authorised Service Technician. Here at Southsea Scuba we are the only authorised Service Centre in North Wales and we offer a high speed professional service for only £60.

All IDM’s are fully disassembled and each individual part is checked for serviceability

All plastic and silicone parts are carefully cleaned.

All metal parts ultrasonically cleaned before reassembly and adjustment

Mail order service available. Only genuine Ocean Reef service kits are used. In most cases, we will have your IDM ready to collect in 2 working days.

Professional dive mask servicing by trained technicians at Southsea Scuba. Contact us on
07732 008 055

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