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Why should scuba diving with full face masks be considered only for professional, commercial or long time experienced divers? Everyone should be able to enjoy the many benefits of diving with OCEAN REEF’s Integrated Diving Masks. Why limit the revolution to scuba diving?
Here introducing the entry level, professional performance, products from OCEAN REEF’s Sportline the best way to start, or evolve, your relation with the underwater realm.


  • Enables nose breathing – Experience natural breathing.
  • Jaw fatigue – Nothing to bite on. Frees mouth to communicate, drink.
  • Fogging – No fogging thanks to the air circulation systems. No product treatment needed.
  • Mask pressure – Automatic pressure equalization at each inspiration thanks to the integrated breathing apparatus.
  • Flooding – Breathing inside the mask automatically purges water through the draining/exhalation valve. When voluntarily flooding the mask, a couple purges of the second stage button completely clear the water from the mask.


  • Pneumatically balanced second stage provides consistent ease of breath at any tank pressure.
  • Adjustment knob provides the diver with the requested amount of air flow under all circumstances.
  • Dive/pre dive lever (Venturi) helps avoid surface free flow in harsh conditions CE certification in accordance with 89/686/CEE directives under UNI EN250 standard rules for underwater activities, including low temperatures (<50°F or <10°C).


  • Patented design
  • 3 way directional adjustment system: up/down, wide/narrow, close/far. Made for maximum comfort and nose breathing.
  • Pushing the mask towards the face when needed causes the plugs to create a nasal seal.


Air circulation is achieved with an orinasal pocket so that CO2 build-up is not mixed with fresh air. One-way circulation keeps mask clear.


  • Easy to grab, sturdy design
  • Large air vents
  • Allows IDM divers to breath ambient air when at the surface

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