Crystal Lube Syringe 28g/1oz Oxygen Grease


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An ultra-convenient simple to use 28 Gramme – 1 Ounce syringe containing Crystal Lube – Flouro-Ultra O2 grease designed for fast and accurate no waste application. For use by SCUBA Diving service centres when servicing high pressure compressed gas cylinder valves and diving regulators that are O2 clean for use with Nitrox. This premium quality PFPE grease is particularly suited for use with confidence in High Air Pressure, Nitrous Oxide, Pure Gaseous and Liquid Oxygen (LOX) systems with no fear of combustion. Fluorinated lubricant technology has become the Industry Standard for Aerospace, Medical, Rail, Automotive Assembly, Nuclear, Oxygen regulator (Scuba & Medical) applications. Don’t be fooled by inferior cheap imitations, Beaver Crystal Lube is the original lubricant, tried, tested and trusted by sport, commercial and military SCUBA technicians worldwide.


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