New Dive Site!


Set in an ancient Welsh landscape, Park In The Past comprises 120 acres of outstanding natural beauty including a magnificent 35-acre lake formed from a flooded quarry. The lake ranges from 5 to 35 metres deep, making it perfect for beginners and more advanced divers too.

Unfortunately, the lake is currently full of algae which makes diving almost impossible as visibility is often down to zero.

However, we can quickly solve the problem and get the lake open for scuba diving!

By installing two ultrasonic buoys that will emit harmless ultrasound waves, we can reduce the algae by over 90%. The soundwaves have no effect on wildlife in the lake and are harmless to everyone using the lake. The results will be a cleaner, clearer lake which can be open to divers. It would also be the deepest in-land dive site within 250 miles!

The Community Interest Company that owns the lake needs to raise a one-off £13,500 to buy the equipment. We pledged the initial £300 for a study to determine the best way to treat the algae and get the project started.

If you’re interested in helping support Park In The Past to develop a new dive site right on our doorstep, please join us and pledge here –

Please also share with any divers you know who may be interested in supporting them.


Jon and Amanda, Southsea Scuba